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Water Cooler Real Estate

Launching April 11th 2018!

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Dec 12, 2018

Are you considering Buying a home?  Have you met with a lender to discuss financing?
In this week's episode, The Insiders welcome Robin Weirich of SecurityNational Mortgage Company to discuss purchase preparation subjects such as credit reports and scores, credit line balances & limits, budgeting, and Debt to Income...

Dec 3, 2018

What to Expect when you are Inspecting!
In this week's episode, The Insiders welcome in our guest Gordon Tolbert of AmeriSpec Inspection Services, to talk about the home inspection portion of the Home Buyer's vital due diligence period.  Gordon discusses the inspection process, inspection tips, tricks,and the types of...

Nov 28, 2018

Hopefully this has never happened to you, but if it has, there are very few things worse than when the sewer backs up into your home.  In this week's WCRE episode, The Insiders welcome Greg Bailey of Apex Home Inspections, as they discuss the Dirt on Sewer Inspections.  Since the industry is mostly unregulated,...

Nov 21, 2018

As a Seller, the best scenario is when you get multiple offers competing with each other for your home.  Sometimes, one or more of the offers may have what is called an Escalation Clause.
In this episode, The Insiders explain the Escalation Clause and discuss how best to evaluate these offers and construct your strategy...

Nov 14, 2018

In the perfect Seller situation, once your home goes on the market, you hope to get an offer within a relatively short period of time.  Even better, is when you actually receive multiple offers.  In this week's episode, The Insiders discuss Evaluating Multiple Offers.  They discuss ranking offers by Net Value, but also...